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Icons [25 Jul 2005|06:21pm]

[ mood | content ]

I made Mitsuhide icons. I would make some for other characters, but I'd have to find pictures first.

Image Credit for the first two icons

(1)Image hosted by Photobucket.com (2)Image hosted by Photobucket.com (3)Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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OOC: New Journal... [25 Mar 2005|02:28pm]

I made a journal _oichi_ness_ just for this roleplaying community, just so that I'm more organized. My goal is to post something roleplaying related at least once a week. :) I want to keep roleplaying here, but I haven't seen the last 3 posts made from my original journal (I think becuase my own community/friends list is so cluttered...) So yeah... Also, if you ever feel the need to roleplay, IM me on AIM at "ravenrabit" or Yahoo at "ntshlowe". If you decide to IM at Yahoo, I'll probalby end up making a SN for Oichi, but I don't know. Feel free to do this anytime, even if my away message is up. Chances are, I'm trying to avoid my evil-roleplaying-cousin-of-doom or one of her minions if an away message is up that doesn't specifically say I'm not at my computer.


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Slight change in the rules. [16 Feb 2005|08:47pm]

[ mood | blah ]

I've been meaning to make a change in rule #9 for a while and finally got around to it.

New rule: All content of an R or NC-17 rating needs to be posted as friends only.

That is all.

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Constantly Movin' Forward [06 Feb 2005|12:38am]

[ mood | determined... and so damn pimp ]

Nobunaga rode his horse proudly, conscious of the breeze that made his banners flap sporadically. His demeanor showed nothing of his inner emotions or possible fatigue, and not even his closest of bodyguards could figure out what strategy he was thinking of next. He continued to stare forward; hard almond eyes seemed like steel underneath furrowed eyebrows, occasionally shaded with a gloved hand to be shielded from the sun's blistering light.

The steady rhythm of the horse's body as it trotted onward compared to the dull march of the large army behind him made the Demon slightly anxious. Death was a part of life and he gained a perverted pleasure for ending men's lives, but the wait was unnerving. The barely audible grumbles of the foot soldiers closest to him tempted him; their hearts nothing more than another tick that should be extinguished within his hand.

He smirked within himself; what a perfect time to have either the Page or Noh by his side. His anxiety could be released on either of the two while 'resting' for the night, but the latter had a tendency to fight back. A rustle in the rhythm snapped the Demon from his thoughts, and he turned his horse around, only to see an interruption in formation. He spotted a familiar hairpin, and as the intrusion came closer, Noh stopped her steed next to his.

She moved in closer and her hand pulled at his armor, forcing him to lean in closer as she pressed her lips against his. The powder white horse she rode inched closer, and their kiss became deeper; her hand moved to the base of his neck and dug into the soft hair that resided there. After what seemed like hours, Noh's hand and mouth moved away from him; her eyes bore into his with a devilish passion as she licked at her upper lip.

Nobunaga contained his emotions as he rose his hand to his lips. Touching the flesh above his upper lip, he shot her a fiery glance, and moved his horse past her. Staring across the vast plane of armor and carefully guarded faces, he made sure that his expression was still cold; he checked to make sure everyone had returned to their position. They did accurately, and the Demon hissed out a curse as he missed his opportunity for bloodshed.

Turning back around, he waved his hand as a signal, and his men soon fell back into the steady rhythm of moving forward.

Lady Noh was more than enough of a reason to set up camp at the signs of nightfall.

[{OOC; ... I had to make a post sooner or later, DESPITE THE SHORTNESS OF IT ARUKBDASFBABSJHJHBJ, :: is lame ::. I dunno. I was confused at where to start this, for I had this perfect idea... but then I had... decided to be lame and buckled under the peer pressure and made a 'movement' post.

I might end up editing it. Who knows.

Ah, fuck, I need to play this more, INSTEAD OF [mostly (I did play a few levels, mind you)] JUST WATCHING THE CUT-SCENES. :: agony :: ... In which, I find hilarious when Naga and Noh 'smush faces', and you know that's exactly what it looks like. Way to ruin something hot with some lame 'kissing' graphics.

... I'd rather be writing. At least I don't haffta know much to write a PWP. :: more agony ::

:: notes that crimson_fears should jump in on this >D ::}]

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Layout [09 Jan 2005|09:07pm]

[ mood | hyper ]

I put up a header. It sucks, but the journal looks better than it did, at least, it does in my opinion...

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Character Icons - OOC [04 Jan 2005|11:18am]

Hey everyone. I just posted some Samurai Warriors icons at my icon journl...

( Follow The Fake LJ Cut )
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Pursuers? A Chase!!! Or...not... Yeah. [07 Nov 2004|08:21pm]

Oichi opens her eyes. The sun is just beginning to come up, the new light filtering through the sparse trees. One of her bodyguards crouches a few feet ahead. She doesn't make a sound or indicate her waking. Instead she listens. Faintly, very faintly, she can hear something, someone approaching the camp. She sits up slowly, hardly making a rustle and looks to where Katsuie is sitting, listening. Her bodyguard turns, looking at her. A silent message is sent from mistress to bodyguard as their eyes connect, and he goes to wake up the others. She stands, grabs her Yuri and placing it at her side. She rolls up her mat, walking briskly to her horse and attaches the mat to the saddle.

Katsuie joins her. "Lady Oichi?" He looks at her questioningly. She tilts her head toward him, saying lightly, "I am going with my bodyguards. Your men will not be able to prepare for departure in time. With a smaller group, we can move more swiftly. Follow as soon as you can." He sets his face in a look of protest but she cuts him off before he can start, "Do not waste time arguing. The point of this campaign is to get the documents to brother in the most timely matter. It is not a success until they are secured." Katsuie hesitated briefly and then nodded.

She pats her horse's nose, then jumps into the saddle. She settles herself as her bodygaurds make a formation around her. She smiles down at Katsuie, "I will see you at brother's fortress. In two days time. May the gods smile upon you." She presses her heels into the horses side and is gone in a moment, her bodyguards a shadow around her. Katsuie watches for a moment, whispering after her, "Be safe, my Lady Oichi."

((OOC: Short, ya? I'm not being historical at all, because let's face it... I'm historically challenged. ^_^ And I have a new editor. *eyeroll* He can get anal and irritating, but I'm willing to work with him. I usually submit all of my writings to him, fiction, fanfic, rp, the works. We're working on my "style"... Anywho... I need verification on the whole "san, chan, sama, kun" thing, if you don't mind. I've been out of the Japanese loop for awhile, and everything has gotten foggy... So if you'd just give me your definitions of the terms, I'd be grateful. I want to use them, but don't want to sound like an idiot...Anyone notice I'm avoiding conflict, but setting it up so nicely? Alas, I am not the drama queen... I usually leave that for others...~Ishy))
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And so it begins... [31 Oct 2004|10:53pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

His feet hit the ground with a light 'thump' as he leapt from his horse. His men, still mounted, said nothing as they watched him advance toward the edge of the cliff. He peered down at the city below, watching as the buildings were engulfed in flames. A few soldiers winced at the screams that rose from the burning town to their ears, the shrieks piercing their eardrums. "Sir?" a warrior in the back called out.

He turned, rounding his gaze upon the man who had spoken, which should have been deemed impossible considering the distance between them. His head fell slightly to the side, his eyes fixated upon the man, judging but with a sense of understanding. He did not respond nor wait for the other to continue with his question before he answered. “Yes, you may.”

“Uh…T-thank you, Sir.” the soldier sputtered, before retreating. After receiving a nod, a few more soldiers followed their comrade. The remaining soldiers glanced from their superior to their comrades’ backs and finally returned their gaze to their general. Confusion made the air heavy, and the soldiers, realizing the general was not likely to explain himself, did not ask questions. Instead, they watched the flames die down, leaving only ash and bones where buildings and people had once stood.

A soft sigh escaped slightly parted lips as the general turned to his men. Their expressions were somber, tired. He merely shook his head before hoisting himself up onto his horse. Grasping his reins, soldiers following suit, he turned to leave. “Lord Mitsuhide!”

Mitsuhide peered at his addresser as the figure neared his steed. “Lord Mitsuhide, there is a problem.”

[[OOC: So, yeah. I have no idea where this s going.... Well, actually, I have a few ideas. At any rate, that was my post. I figured I had to do something sooner or later, and Mitsuhide was nagging at me because he wasn't doing anything...like...trying to look important. Now, however, his is quieted.]]

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Advancing [30 Oct 2004|05:35pm]

His men were complaining. They would never voice their complaints, of course, but he heard their groaning, noticed them shuffling their feet in the muddy earth, casting not-so-subtle glances at the back of his head. Marching right after a recent rain, with the air still heavy and their clothes still soggy, he had to admit it was uncomfortable. They had no choice, though. They were in unfamiliar territory. If they were to stop and set up camp, there was no guarantee that some sort of petty ambush party wasn’t waiting nearby.

Masamune began to rattle numbers off in his head. It would take two more days at the least to reach their ultimate destination. His men would need at least one day to recuperate after the grueling march. He currently had a force of several hundred men, give or take a few that may not make it due to fatigue, laziness, sickness, or whatever. With that force, he had to fight an army of thousands. Calculating in disadvantages such as lack of knowledge of the area, lack of firepower, and unfavorable weather, his chances were slightly lower than slim.

No problem.

“Date-sama, the men are complaining.”

“Don’t bother, Kagetsuna-san,” Shizegane laughed good-naturedly while patting his comrade on the back with a heavy, playful hand. Despite the dreary condition and the even drearier circumstance, there were few things that could get Shizegane down. “You know as well as I do that Masamune-kun won’t listen to them. We’re not going to stop until we reach the set destination marked for today, regardless of mud or rain.”

Katakura Kagetsuna sighed, resigned. Really, his commander was so unreasonable sometimes. He shot a sympathetic look backwards and trudged on.

Masamune snapped his head to the right and yelled, “Don’t call me that, Shizegane! You have to call me, ‘Shogun-sama’!” His voice was young, a bit petulant. To the men who were foolish to believe that it was any evidence of his capability on the battlefield, Masamune was quick with his bokken to smash the right impression into their heads. He huffed, “Don’t try to undermine me in front of my men!”

Yet, this was a boy Shizegane had known since youth – the fierce, wild child that he would occasionally see while visiting relatives, who once challenged him to a duel at the age of eight and was knocked unconscious. His elders gossiped about the boy who tore his own eye out in the middle of the night as if possessed. He chuckled, and much to his superior’s fury, waved the order off with an armored hand. “Hai, hai, Ma-sa-mu-ne Sho-gun-sama~.”

[OOC: Well, I took some liberties with the subgenerals. Ah well, I would figure that Shizegane knew Masamune. And yes. I am aware that Shizegane is not-so-young in the game, really, but let’s scale it down a bit. He makes a better NPC this way. They’re from the same clan, and all.]
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Introducing the Lady Oichi [24 Oct 2004|05:38pm]

Oichi sits in a clearing in some woods, looking at the campfire intently. She blinks her eyes slowly and then shudders, hugging her knees tightly to her body. There was definately an ominous feeling in the air. "Only two more days..." Katsuie had told her before they made camp. 'Two days...' she repeated the words in her head.

"Lady Oichi," Katsuie's voice broke into her thoughts, "Excuse me, we'll be putting out the fire soon. Please, prepare yourself for the night."

She looks at Katsuie for a moment and then smiles. "Yes." She stands and stretches, then walks to her horse, releasing her bedmat. She walks to the tree she had left her weapon and drops it, then promptly snuggles up inside. She can hear her body guards and Katsuie's men moving around, and Katsuie himself. Even though they were technically in Oda territory, there was still the off chance someone was following them. And being so close to home, it seemed the most opportune moment for their potential stalkers to attack. She sighs, thinking of home.

The gardens and fountains. The general peace and quiet. The ease of nerves and stress. An actual woman to talk to... She smiles as she fell asleep, thinking on the hardships of being the only female on this particular campaign.

She dreamed of a time when she was a little girl, in her father's palace. Two of her brothers were there, but she couldn't place which ones... and the gardens were alive with flowers and insects. Katsuie chased her through the winding garden paths, both laughing. The ominous feeling in the night hadn't followed her to the land of dreams... Her body only had to rest until the next morning, and another day of riding.

((OOC: Yeah...hope that's good. I'm taking certain liberties, and I'm not necessarily going to be following any sort of storyline I've discovered in the game so far (not that I've discovered many)... and I hope this is okay. I also took certain liberties since this is the first post. Basically, setting up Oichi, and Katsuie, who is one of Nobunaga's generals, if ya' didn't know, and also historical Oichi's first husband. Also, since I didn't see Nagamasa in the character line up, yeah, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with Oichi "romantic" wise... And I'm probably just babbling now... If you have any problems with the post or anything, let me know, and we'll negotiate something. I know it isn't too descriptive, but I'm a little beat, and I'll try to make the next one oozing with details...~Ishy ...P.S. Since I love making icons, I just whipped up an Oichi icon too. ^_^ So yeah...))
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Apology from the admin. [24 Oct 2004|07:24pm]

[ mood | nauseated ]

Apparently, my email account isn't working, so I was more than a little late realizing there were any replies. But I'm going to fix that little problem. ~Renee

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First Post [21 Sep 2004|09:50pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Alrighty. So, hi. Welcome all.

...It's the first post and I've alreay broken a rule. Oh well. Roleplaying hasn't started yet. And since I'm breaking rules, everyone should...at least break one.

Right...so...Feel free to start the roleplaying anytime. Teach me, the amatuer, the way of your superior skills with your roleplaying-ness. >>

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