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His men were complaining. They would never voice their complaints, of course, but he heard their groaning, noticed them shuffling their feet in the muddy earth, casting not-so-subtle glances at the back of his head. Marching right after a recent rain, with the air still heavy and their clothes still soggy, he had to admit it was uncomfortable. They had no choice, though. They were in unfamiliar territory. If they were to stop and set up camp, there was no guarantee that some sort of petty ambush party wasn’t waiting nearby.

Masamune began to rattle numbers off in his head. It would take two more days at the least to reach their ultimate destination. His men would need at least one day to recuperate after the grueling march. He currently had a force of several hundred men, give or take a few that may not make it due to fatigue, laziness, sickness, or whatever. With that force, he had to fight an army of thousands. Calculating in disadvantages such as lack of knowledge of the area, lack of firepower, and unfavorable weather, his chances were slightly lower than slim.

No problem.

“Date-sama, the men are complaining.”

“Don’t bother, Kagetsuna-san,” Shizegane laughed good-naturedly while patting his comrade on the back with a heavy, playful hand. Despite the dreary condition and the even drearier circumstance, there were few things that could get Shizegane down. “You know as well as I do that Masamune-kun won’t listen to them. We’re not going to stop until we reach the set destination marked for today, regardless of mud or rain.”

Katakura Kagetsuna sighed, resigned. Really, his commander was so unreasonable sometimes. He shot a sympathetic look backwards and trudged on.

Masamune snapped his head to the right and yelled, “Don’t call me that, Shizegane! You have to call me, ‘Shogun-sama’!” His voice was young, a bit petulant. To the men who were foolish to believe that it was any evidence of his capability on the battlefield, Masamune was quick with his bokken to smash the right impression into their heads. He huffed, “Don’t try to undermine me in front of my men!”

Yet, this was a boy Shizegane had known since youth – the fierce, wild child that he would occasionally see while visiting relatives, who once challenged him to a duel at the age of eight and was knocked unconscious. His elders gossiped about the boy who tore his own eye out in the middle of the night as if possessed. He chuckled, and much to his superior’s fury, waved the order off with an armored hand. “Hai, hai, Ma-sa-mu-ne Sho-gun-sama~.”

[OOC: Well, I took some liberties with the subgenerals. Ah well, I would figure that Shizegane knew Masamune. And yes. I am aware that Shizegane is not-so-young in the game, really, but let’s scale it down a bit. He makes a better NPC this way. They’re from the same clan, and all.]
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