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And so it begins...

His feet hit the ground with a light 'thump' as he leapt from his horse. His men, still mounted, said nothing as they watched him advance toward the edge of the cliff. He peered down at the city below, watching as the buildings were engulfed in flames. A few soldiers winced at the screams that rose from the burning town to their ears, the shrieks piercing their eardrums. "Sir?" a warrior in the back called out.

He turned, rounding his gaze upon the man who had spoken, which should have been deemed impossible considering the distance between them. His head fell slightly to the side, his eyes fixated upon the man, judging but with a sense of understanding. He did not respond nor wait for the other to continue with his question before he answered. “Yes, you may.”

“Uh…T-thank you, Sir.” the soldier sputtered, before retreating. After receiving a nod, a few more soldiers followed their comrade. The remaining soldiers glanced from their superior to their comrades’ backs and finally returned their gaze to their general. Confusion made the air heavy, and the soldiers, realizing the general was not likely to explain himself, did not ask questions. Instead, they watched the flames die down, leaving only ash and bones where buildings and people had once stood.

A soft sigh escaped slightly parted lips as the general turned to his men. Their expressions were somber, tired. He merely shook his head before hoisting himself up onto his horse. Grasping his reins, soldiers following suit, he turned to leave. “Lord Mitsuhide!”

Mitsuhide peered at his addresser as the figure neared his steed. “Lord Mitsuhide, there is a problem.”

[[OOC: So, yeah. I have no idea where this s going.... Well, actually, I have a few ideas. At any rate, that was my post. I figured I had to do something sooner or later, and Mitsuhide was nagging at me because he wasn't doing anything...like...trying to look important. Now, however, his is quieted.]]
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