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Pursuers? A Chase!!! Or...not... Yeah.

Oichi opens her eyes. The sun is just beginning to come up, the new light filtering through the sparse trees. One of her bodyguards crouches a few feet ahead. She doesn't make a sound or indicate her waking. Instead she listens. Faintly, very faintly, she can hear something, someone approaching the camp. She sits up slowly, hardly making a rustle and looks to where Katsuie is sitting, listening. Her bodyguard turns, looking at her. A silent message is sent from mistress to bodyguard as their eyes connect, and he goes to wake up the others. She stands, grabs her Yuri and placing it at her side. She rolls up her mat, walking briskly to her horse and attaches the mat to the saddle.

Katsuie joins her. "Lady Oichi?" He looks at her questioningly. She tilts her head toward him, saying lightly, "I am going with my bodyguards. Your men will not be able to prepare for departure in time. With a smaller group, we can move more swiftly. Follow as soon as you can." He sets his face in a look of protest but she cuts him off before he can start, "Do not waste time arguing. The point of this campaign is to get the documents to brother in the most timely matter. It is not a success until they are secured." Katsuie hesitated briefly and then nodded.

She pats her horse's nose, then jumps into the saddle. She settles herself as her bodygaurds make a formation around her. She smiles down at Katsuie, "I will see you at brother's fortress. In two days time. May the gods smile upon you." She presses her heels into the horses side and is gone in a moment, her bodyguards a shadow around her. Katsuie watches for a moment, whispering after her, "Be safe, my Lady Oichi."

((OOC: Short, ya? I'm not being historical at all, because let's face it... I'm historically challenged. ^_^ And I have a new editor. *eyeroll* He can get anal and irritating, but I'm willing to work with him. I usually submit all of my writings to him, fiction, fanfic, rp, the works. We're working on my "style"... Anywho... I need verification on the whole "san, chan, sama, kun" thing, if you don't mind. I've been out of the Japanese loop for awhile, and everything has gotten foggy... So if you'd just give me your definitions of the terms, I'd be grateful. I want to use them, but don't want to sound like an idiot...Anyone notice I'm avoiding conflict, but setting it up so nicely? Alas, I am not the drama queen... I usually leave that for others...~Ishy))
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