Natasha (raven_rabit) wrote in samurai_spirit,

OOC: New Journal...

I made a journal _oichi_ness_ just for this roleplaying community, just so that I'm more organized. My goal is to post something roleplaying related at least once a week. :) I want to keep roleplaying here, but I haven't seen the last 3 posts made from my original journal (I think becuase my own community/friends list is so cluttered...) So yeah... Also, if you ever feel the need to roleplay, IM me on AIM at "ravenrabit" or Yahoo at "ntshlowe". If you decide to IM at Yahoo, I'll probalby end up making a SN for Oichi, but I don't know. Feel free to do this anytime, even if my away message is up. Chances are, I'm trying to avoid my evil-roleplaying-cousin-of-doom or one of her minions if an away message is up that doesn't specifically say I'm not at my computer.


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